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Business Leaders

Take a look inside the evolving and complex licensed and ancillary industries. Walk away with practical knowledge to apply to your budding career or business.

Lifestyle Experts

Are you a consumer of cannabis looking for new ways to explore and take your cannabis lifestyle to new levels?

Participate in a joint rolling class, CBD infused yoga, or a cooking course at your convenience!

Policy Makers

What does the future hold for federal legalization and medical programs?

Get a political snapshot from the top leaders and trusted voices influencing and drafting cannabis regulation.


What’s a Cannabinoid? How do I microdose? Does CBD really work? 

If you’ve ever asked yourself those questions then you’ll love what we have in store. Our panels break down the science of THC.

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Global Cannabis

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11AM - 12PM EST

Room 1: Policy

Room 2: Business

Room 3: Lifestyle

Room 4: Science